Gamification and Financial Decision Making

Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Ligorio and Dieter Brockmeyer discuss “Gamification and Financial Decision Making” in an altii interview. Gamification is a promising approach, but it also involves risks.

After a definition and application description of gamification, the opportunities and risks are discussed and potential solutions for the future are shown. An independent assessment and possible regulation seems worthwhile.

Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Ligorio holds a Ph.D in international relations. He is Vice-Rector for the international relations and development at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis and a full Professor of International Relations and Neuropolitics at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Furthermore he is a team leader of the project financed by the European Commission- “EU in the World”. His main scientific interests are international aid, foreign policy and neuropolitics.


Dieter Brockmeyer is an innovation expert and one of the seven founders of the Diplomatic World Institute, which was founded as a spin-off of the Diplomatic World magazine.

The Diplomatic World Magazine in Brussels is the journal for global decision-makers from politics, business, culture and finance.